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At Purified Plumbing, we know how critical blocked drains can be when they affect you on daily basis. If you've been noticing any changes in your kitchen, bathroom or other areas at home - say water going down quite slowly in the kitchen sink or toilet or foul odors - then chances are that something has gone amiss with your sewage system and needs immediate attention from professional plumbing technicians who know how to handle such situations.

We're available 24/7 to attend emergencies caused by blocked drains but also offer regular check-ups so that you don't have to worry about getting blocked again anytime soon.

Our experienced plumbing team in Turramurra can help you with blocked drains, pipes and all other plumbing issues.

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What Our Customers Say

Nicole Oon
Nicole Oon
February 23, 2022.
Super professional and quick. I called because water was leaking everywhere from my toilet. While I was panicking they quickly jumped on a video call to help. Everything was fixed by the afternoon and they even offered to check my other bathroom to make sure everything was fine. Thank you for the amazing service - literally lifesavers!
Xiaodong Lu
Xiaodong Lu
February 20, 2022.
Got a flooded bathroom 10pm and called Ben. He came very early next morning and get it fixed very soon with his professional equipment. Definitely recommend.
Richard Rasker
Richard Rasker
February 17, 2022.
As always - Purified Plumbing were reliable & attended when promised & efficiently completed the work required.
Leah Chan
Leah Chan
February 17, 2022.
Ben did a sewer line inspection for me and answered all my questions. Ben is extremely professional and provided all the advice I needed to make the right decisions that I felt comfortable with. I am considering a larger plumbing job in future and Purified Plumbing would be my top choice. Thanks!
Zhengmao Su
Zhengmao Su
January 31, 2022.
Courtney Smithers
Courtney Smithers
January 20, 2022.
Horst Ruckwied
Horst Ruckwied
January 19, 2022.
Very friendly ⁹
Steph Huxley
Steph Huxley
January 12, 2022.
Liz Nemeth
Liz Nemeth
December 30, 2021.
Jacky Qi
Jacky Qi
December 22, 2021.
Quick response and showed up on time. Great service from Ben.

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      FAQs About Blocked Drains & Pipes Service In Turramurra

      One of the most common causes for a blocked drain in Turramurra is tree roots, the tree roots can break through an into your underground pipes which causes them to block. Other cause may be, food, grease hair or sanitary items. 

      Call us right away! we are available 24/7 for all plumbing and blocked drain emergencies.  

      When it comes to fixing  blocked drains, there is no straight answer. It may be a matter of cleaning up objects that caused the blockage, or even digging out your drain and flushing it with chemicals.

      Our plumbers in Turramurra will need to assess the issue on site and advise our customers how we can fix the blockage issues. 

      We will always ask our customers to be on alert for any signs of a blockage. No one wants to deal with a completely blocked drain but knowing there’s a problem early on can save you from a much bigger headache later.

      Be aware of your drains and if you see any of these signs :

      • The drain is taking an unusually long time to drain or clear;
      • You hear gurgling or rumbling sounds;
      • There’s an odor coming from your your sink, shower or toilet

      The drain camera is often used to inspect the drain and pipe blockage issues caused by grease and/or oil build up, hair, food scrapes and other objects. 

      The drain camera can easily snake through straight pipes most of the bends as well. But due to its coiled design, it may have difficulty making a super tight bend. 

      Yes, we have a team of plumbers on call 24/7 for an emergency blocked drains or plumbing issues that your are experiencing. 

      We can also schedule after hours works upon request. 

      Plunging your drain might seem like a great solution. If you have time to research, plan out your tools and materials, that might be a quick fix for you. But it’s important to note that plunging doesn't work in a lot of cases as the blockage could be quite serious. Also if the blockage happens repeatedly over time, it's a good idea to call for a plumber before the problem gets too serious.

      When we first inspect your blocked drain on site, we will make an assessment of the issue and recommend our customers how we can fix the problem.

      Sometimes we use a drain camera to check for any blockages or cracks further down in your pipework. If these problems are found, they can be fixed immediately as well as avoiding more complicated long-term fixes.

      It really depends on the type of blockage you have, in most cases we can clear your blocked drain within an hour or 2 and have things back to normal quickly will little or no interruption to your home or property.