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How Drain Blockages are Caused By Tree Roots

Taking care of the plumbing problems at home isn’t easy, especially when you have blocked drains or pipes.

In Sydney’s North Shore area, residents get to enjoy nature surrounded by trees and leafy streets. On the other hand, tree roots can cause all sorts of problems with your drains – from slow draining pipes to complete blockages, if left unchecked they can cause expensive damage to the pipes and drainage systems.

If you face any plumbing problem such as blocked drains, our North Shore Plumbers are always here to help. 

Why tree roots are a common cause of blocked drains?

Tree roots, over time, can spread out underground and grow meters away in all directions. The main reason that tree roots grow near the pipes is that tree roots are always actively looking for water sources and nutrients which help them grow stronger and longer.

A common scenario is that when the sewer pipes have hairline cracks in them, tree roots can easily find the water source and penetrate the pipes. Over time, the tree roots grow bigger and cause more serious blockage in the drains as the water and nutrients keep feeding the tree roots.

Another example of a blocked drain is when the water in the drain pipes attracts the tree roots nearby but the pipes do not have a crack or entry point. As a result, the tree roots may start to wrap around the pipes. When there’s enough pressure forced on the pipes, they may start to collapse or break down which causes noticeable drain blockages.

What can be done about tree root blockages?

The first thing you should do after you realise you’ve got blocked drains is to identify what caused it. In many cases, tree roots are responsible for drain blockages, which can cause quite a few problems at home.

Some people think that drain cleaners can remove tree roots from pipes but there is no evidence that such chemicals can remove the tree roots completely.

We would recommend anyone experiencing a blocked drain with tree roots contact a local plumber who is specialised in blocked drains and pipes.

Preventing tree root blockages

To prevent blockages caused by tree roots it is important to eliminate any blockages as soon as possible. This will help prevent further issues with your drains and avoid paying for big repairs. If you start to notice any of the early signs of a blocked drain, start to pay more attention to the drainage situation.

Also do not make the situation any worse by doing the wrong thing i.e. throwing wet pipes, nappies and food residues into the kitchen sink or toilet. Always put the waste into bins to prevent bigger problems from happening. 

Signs you might have a blocked drain

If your drain smells bad or unusual, slow-moving or sluggish, that could be a sign you have a blocked drain which could be caused by tree roots growing inside or around the drains.

Sometimes it’s also possible to spot small plants growing around drain pipes; these could be tree roots.

How Purified Plumbing fixes blocked drains caused by tree roots

In order to clean and fix blocked drains caused by tree roots, plumbers who are specialized in blocked drains in North Shore need to attend to the site and assess the situation.

Many of those who have attempted to clear blocked drains from tree root infestation on their own could not achieve results because they are either not experienced or trained to do the job. The team at Purified Plumbing has gone through specific training on how to clean blocked drains and remove tree roots that have gotten into water pipe systems as it is one of our specialties.

If you are dealing with a blockage from tree roots, Purified Plumbing has what it takes to help you get rid of your problem once and for all.