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How to tell if there's a problem with the hot water system?

Nothing is more annoying than missing a morning shower or not getting hot water after a hot summer day. When it comes to your hot water system and plumbing needs, you don’t have to be an expert to tell that there’s something wrong with it.

If you know what to look out for, you can quickly spot some of the most common problems with the hot water system and it means you need help from a North Shore plumber.

Below are some of the most common things indicating that your hot water system needs repair or replacement.

  1. Constant tripping of the circuit breaker

If your hot water system is drawing too much current and your circuit breakers are tripping regularly, it’s probably time to call in a hot water expert. There may be problems with the electrical wiring or with your hot water system itself. 

If there are broken or damaged heating elements, get them replaced before it becomes a hazard.

  1. Your hot water tank is leaking, or water is pooling

When you find water dripping or pooling around your hot water tank, it means there is a problem. Also, this is a safety hazard.

The cause of this problem can be the expansion of the metal causing the tank to break. There is also the possibility of a problem with a component of the hot water system, such as a problem related to the connection to the tank and the pressure in the pipes. If this happens, it is best to call a plumber asap.

  1. Rust Coloured Water Flowing from Taps

If you notice rust coloured water flowing from your taps, it could be a sign that sediment is building up in your pipes and may need replacement. If you see red or rust-coloured water coming from one or more of your taps, call a plumber as soon as possible. 

This could also be an indication that your hot water system is beginning to fail and needs replacement. The condition of your pipes directly impacts how safe and reliable they are—which is why having an annual hot water system inspection done by licensed plumbers can help catch potential problems before they happen.

  1. Uneven Heating

If you have heating in your home provided by a hot water system, when you notice inconsistent heating temperatures throughout your home, especially if one room is significantly warmer than another, it means you may have a problem with your heater.

You may need to repair or replace a component in your hot water system. A plumber in North Shore can assess what is happening and make the necessary changes to ensure that your home is heated evenly.

  1. Increased Energy Bills without Explanation

If your electricity bills are going up, but you haven’t changed your habits or daily routine with the hot water usage, there may be an issue with your hot water system.

  1. Bubbling Taps or Cloudy Hot Water

One sign that your hot water system needs urgent maintenance is bubbling at taps or cloudy hot water. It’s possibly due to Water heater corrosion, especially if you haven’t replaced the anode rod for a while.

Bubbling can also mean there’s a leaky pipe, so if you spot bubbles in hot water, odds are high that it’s time to call in a pro.

  1. Smelly Hot Water or Musty Odour

If you’re experiencing bad odours from your hot water or you’re noticing white, yellow or black sludge on your taps and tub, your hot water system may need repair. This might be due to a clogged sediment filter at either end of your plumbing lines.

If you’ve noticed any other signs of poor performance in addition to bad odours like low water pressure or if water is dripping from fixtures that aren’t supposed to be wet, then it could be time to call out a plumber.

  1. Low pressure of hot water

If the pressure of hot water is low, sediment will build up more quickly. It leads to hard water which can clog your system more quickly than soft water. If you are experiencing low water pressure at your taps, you may have significant build-up in your hot water tank and connections.

This is one of the signs that your hot water system is going bad. If you deal with it early, you may be able to extend the life expectancy of your hot water unit.

9) Excessive Noise from Pipes

If you hear tapping or banging noises coming from your hot water system, you may have loose connections. The sound can also be indicative of other problems like corrosion in your hot water tank as well.

A plumber will be able to inspect your system for leaks and loose connections. Having these loose connections and leaks repaired could help make your hot water heater last longer as well.