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$0 Call Out Fee*

Fast 60 mins Response Time

$0 Call Out Fee*

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Burst Pipes Repairs

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Fix Your Burst Pipes Immediately

A burst pipe can cause some serious damage to your home or property and should be dealt with immediately, a burst pipe can affect your toilets & taps, hot water heater and even result in a high water bill.

Burst pipes can also cause severe damage to your residential or commercial property as water can run through the floors, ceilings and walls which will lead to several other issues.

Luckily the team at Purified Plumbing can attend to your home or property to fix your burst pipe emergency 24hrs, 7 days a week.

Don’t wait any longer, call us today to arrange an appointment immediately. 

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Fix Your Burst Pipes Issues

The moment you realize that there is a hole in your wall because of water damage; it becomes clear just how dangerous a burst pipe can be. Not only does it break through floors, walls, and ceilings; but also stains flooring and leaves irreversible tears.

In order to keep your space intact, you will need to act quickly. Trust Purified PLumbing for its immediate response when faced with any type of emergency such as those caused by burst pipes - starting from the first call to our office staff up until completion. And don't forget about our 100% Lifetime Guarantee!

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What Our Customers Say

Jade Lamb
Jade Lamb
Used Bens services for the first time and wouldnt use another plumber again for my Investment. H was fantastic! Very professional, knowledgeable and, well priced plumbing. Called prior to starting the job to run thought the options and pricing, couldnt fault him. Highly recommend!
Karin Watson
Karin Watson
Highly recommend. Responsive, punctual, professional, excellent work and great to deal with.
Jack Zhao
Jack Zhao
Great price and service. Amazing work. Very happy
Anna Petersons
Anna Petersons
The issue was urgent and we received prompt, efficient and friendly service. The problem was fixed quickly and at a very reasonable price. We highly recommend this company.
constandine Doumbos
constandine Doumbos
Excellent service, arrived on time, Explained everything that had to be done. Very efficient, and very professional. Even cleaned up once the job was done. Thank you
David Morgan
David Morgan
An excellent and prompt service to resolve an issue with blocked plumbing. Have also used this plumber in the past to resolve more major issues. Highly recommended.
Ceaira Wong
Ceaira Wong
Ben from Purified is very professional, reliable and easy to communicate with. The team always response to our requests quickly and provides good suggestion with a cost effective way. Highly recommend their service. Ceaira
Ruwani AA
Ruwani AA
Purified Plumbing answered our call during two urgent situations (drain blockages, one of which was the stormwater drain during recent heavy rains) and turned up on time and within an hour of us calling them. They did a fantastic job each time, resolving the issue quickly. The second time would have flooded our house if not resolved!
Craig Fisher
Craig Fisher
Prompt, professional and courteous service. Fixed outdoor water system in the pouring rain. Definitely recommended. ?

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      FAQs About Burst Pipes Service

      If we were to say there's a positive factor to burst pipes, they are detected easily, which means it won't take long to find the issue. In such an event, there's likely to be a great deal of water released. We recommend looking out for the following to avoid further damage to your property:

      • Dampness on the floors, walls, and ceilings is a common occurrence
      • There is moisture in areas with no use of water
      • In general, the water pressure is lower compared to normal when using the taps or shower
      • Your outdoor spaces have collections of water where's usually none
      • The sound of water running when no dishwasher, washing machine or single tap is running.

      Any home can suffer a burst pipe, making them incredibly unpredictable. Several things are liable to cause a pipe to burst in a home; the following you should be aware of:

      Human Error: Occasionally, pipes can burst due to human error. It can be effortless to collide with a pipe if you are undertaking a project that requires digging where the plumbing underground is inadequately mapped, resulting in a flood of water.

      Treet & Plant Roots: The roots of plants are constantly looking for new water sources so they can sustain themselves. As a result, the root's search for water will likely damage any pipes in their path.

      Rust & Corrosion: In the event of rust and corrosion, your pipes are more likely to break. That's why it is essential to regularly inspect any visible plumbing pipes under the kitchen sinks, inside the laundry trough or bathroom cupboards. If you observe any signs of deterioration or rusting pipes, do not hesitate to contact us for immediate rectification.

      Water Pressure: Excessive pressure in your water pipes can lead to unexpected complications such as a fracture or explosion.

      In most cases, a pipe bursting occurs due to the pipe being under pressure until there is a rupture.

      In this situation, your best course of action would be to act quickly and locate then switch off the supply of water to your home or business. It is crucial to manage the issue immediately to prevent further damage.

      Your next step is to make a call to the expert team at Purified Plumbing anytime, where one of our emergency service plumbers will speak with you. On-call 24 hours for your convenience.

      To prevent an issue before it happens, be on the lookout for the following signs that your water pipes could be in danger of bursting:

      • Your water pressure is consistently high
      • You have water stains visible on walls or in cupboards
      • Noticeable patches of water both indoors and outdoors of your home or business
      • Water runs discoloured from corrosion and rust
      • A significant increase in water bills.

      Burst pipes can cause many problems and indeed be dangerous, so you should call a professional Purified Plumber straight away.

      Issues generally arise from burst gas or water pipes, and the damage caused by this is where the danger lies. If water is left to sit or gas leaks, health issues will arise from damp, mould and mildew growth inside your business premises or home.