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Ways to Spot Hidden Plumbing Problems

Ways to spot hidden plumbing problems

If you’re attending an open house in the market, it’s important to be able to spot hidden plumbing problems before you make an offer on the property. You never know what’s going on behind the walls, so you need to be able to identify possible issues that you can either avoid or negotiate with the vendor on the sale price.

Here are what our Hornsby Plumbers have to say about some of the most common ways to spot hidden plumbing problems at an open house.


Inspect Taps

The first place to look at is all the taps, including showers and tubs. The water that comes out of taps is most often filtered through a small screen, which will typically get blocked with hard water deposits over time.

This blockage can result in several issues like: A sudden decrease in water pressure or discolouration of your shower head or leaks. Open every tap and check if water comes out fine.

Check The Paintwork

The paint work will often come across as being a cover for a bad renovation and plumbing work. Most contractors who deal with water damage tend to paint over it rather than fix the leak behind it. That is, what you see as a neat paint job, it may just be used to make the house look fresh without any real work being done.

Pay real close attention to the walls with fresh paints, particularly near the wet areas such as bathroom and laundry.

Check The Fittings Of Plumbing Fixtures

Checking the fittings of your plumbing fixtures is also a way to spot hidden problems. You need to look at the quality of the fittings and confirm how the project was carried out and whether the renovation project was done by a licensed contractor and/or plumber.

The best way to check the quality is to check the brands of the products used in the renovation. Branded fittings are likely to be more expensive and this often a clear sign of work done by a licensed contractor.

Beware Of Puddles

Puddles in weird places, like inside your drawers or cupboards, indicate leaking water or a minor busted pipe. If you notice water damage on drywall and are going to an open house for a condo or townhouse, keep an eye out for any tell-tale puddles of water.

This might mean that there’s a lot of damage behind walls, which can affect the property value.

Check The Workmanship

If you see messy grouting, misaligned tiles, or obviously poor finishes. These sloppy workmanships are likely to indicate that the renovation work on this house was done by a less than credible contractor. Therefore, it is likely that there are hidden plumbing problems underneath all this jerry-built work.

Have The Drainage Diagram

A detailed drainage diagram is a great way for buyers, especially first-time homebuyers, to get a sense of what their basement will look like. Be sure that all areas are labelled and easily readable so that everyone at an open house can quickly learn how water flows out of their home. If possible, bring a sample diagram with you so it’s clear what they should be looking for.