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$0 Call Out Fee*

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$0 Call Out Fee*

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Hot Water New Installations & Servicing

Waking up first thing in the morning to cold shower is never pleasant! Luckily the team at Purified Plumbing offer a 24hr emergency service for hot water heaters, from an electric storage tank system to an instantaneous gas hot water, we can do it all and quickly! 

We have recognised approval and registration to service these systems with over 18 years of experience with new installations and repairs.

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What Our Customers Say

Jade Lamb
Jade Lamb
Used Bens services for the first time and wouldnt use another plumber again for my Investment. H was fantastic! Very professional, knowledgeable and, well priced plumbing. Called prior to starting the job to run thought the options and pricing, couldnt fault him. Highly recommend!
Karin Watson
Karin Watson
Highly recommend. Responsive, punctual, professional, excellent work and great to deal with.
Jack Zhao
Jack Zhao
Great price and service. Amazing work. Very happy
Anna Petersons
Anna Petersons
The issue was urgent and we received prompt, efficient and friendly service. The problem was fixed quickly and at a very reasonable price. We highly recommend this company.
constandine Doumbos
constandine Doumbos
Excellent service, arrived on time, Explained everything that had to be done. Very efficient, and very professional. Even cleaned up once the job was done. Thank you
David Morgan
David Morgan
An excellent and prompt service to resolve an issue with blocked plumbing. Have also used this plumber in the past to resolve more major issues. Highly recommended.
Ceaira Wong
Ceaira Wong
Ben from Purified is very professional, reliable and easy to communicate with. The team always response to our requests quickly and provides good suggestion with a cost effective way. Highly recommend their service. Ceaira
Ruwani AA
Ruwani AA
Purified Plumbing answered our call during two urgent situations (drain blockages, one of which was the stormwater drain during recent heavy rains) and turned up on time and within an hour of us calling them. They did a fantastic job each time, resolving the issue quickly. The second time would have flooded our house if not resolved!
Craig Fisher
Craig Fisher
Prompt, professional and courteous service. Fixed outdoor water system in the pouring rain. Definitely recommended. ?

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      FAQs About All Hot Water Repairs Service

      If you're without hot water, you definitely have a problem, which is usually the result of no energy supply. Ensure you have a reliable supply of gas or the electricity is indeed on. If there is no issue with your energy, it could otherwise be an ignition or heating element issue.

      Are you without hot water? No worries, first turn your heater off. The follow these steps:

      • Circuit breaker - reset it
      • If it was the breaker, hot water would be restored within an hour
      • Still tripping - hit reset.

      If these steps don't work, contact our experienced technicians.

      There are many reasons that hot water stops working, some of them being:

      • No power
      • The limit switch has been tripped
      • Heating elements have failed.

      If you're experiencing problems, check the circuit breaker at your service panel and turn it on if there has been an issue.

      Water heater types can be determined by fuel types - gas and electricity, and functionality. The two standard types available are tankless and standard tanks. 

      • Standard tanks  - water is reheated by the heating element each time a tap is turned on.
      • Tankless - water is heated through the pipes while it flows through.

      Each water tank has its advantages, and it is a matter of looking at each and deciding what best suits your lifestyle. 

      Water heaters with a tank are cheaper to install; however, tankless systems, while more expensive at installation and repair, are energy efficient and use less energy.

      Essentially, while you save money at the outset of a tank system, tankless may save you more money long term. Traditionally, large homes fair well with a tank heater; however, as technologies have advanced, tankless options are just as capable of heating larger spaces.

      Water heaters with a tank should be replaced within ten to fifteen years of use; however, every twenty years is adequate for a tankless option.

      A serial number imprinted on your The age of your water heater identifies how old your unit is. Otherwise, you will experience strange smells and noises, increased energy bills, uneven temperature, or water flow.

      A buildup of sediment in a tank heater is a known fast way to age your heating. We recommend flushing the tank at least once each year to keep it in good order.

      Along with calling a professional to upkeep your system for maintenance and repairs, use water treatment and replace the anode rod to reduce any buildup or rust.

      As a water heater ages, a buildup of sediment is more likely and needs to be removed regularly, so a barrier isn't created between the water and burner. This type of issue reduces the performance of the water heater and affects the efficiency of fuel.

      The lack of hot water can be 'boiled' down to two main reasons, neither requiring you to replace the whole unit.

      It could be the thermostat malfunctioning or a heating element not working correctly. For either of these issues, replacing the part is sufficient. 

      Sometimes, a dip tube will break, which means cold and hot water mix together inside the tank.

      Overtime your hot water heater will eventually begin to rust out, usually when this begins to occur you will start to notice a tiny bit of brown water coming through your hot water taps, this is the rust sitting on the bottom of the hot water heater seeping through and into your water supply.