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$0 Call Out Fee*

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Purified Plumbing has a team of professional and reliable plumbers that will assist you. We offer a wide range of services for all your plumbing needs. Call us today for efficient and high quality service


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Whether it's a busted water pipe or broken sewer line, we've got you covered.


Our professional plumbers are experts & reliable gas fitters.


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What Our Customers Say

Jade Lamb
Jade Lamb
Used Bens services for the first time and wouldnt use another plumber again for my Investment. H was fantastic! Very professional, knowledgeable and, well priced plumbing. Called prior to starting the job to run thought the options and pricing, couldnt fault him. Highly recommend!
Karin Watson
Karin Watson
Highly recommend. Responsive, punctual, professional, excellent work and great to deal with.
Jack Zhao
Jack Zhao
Great price and service. Amazing work. Very happy
Anna Petersons
Anna Petersons
The issue was urgent and we received prompt, efficient and friendly service. The problem was fixed quickly and at a very reasonable price. We highly recommend this company.
constandine Doumbos
constandine Doumbos
Excellent service, arrived on time, Explained everything that had to be done. Very efficient, and very professional. Even cleaned up once the job was done. Thank you
David Morgan
David Morgan
An excellent and prompt service to resolve an issue with blocked plumbing. Have also used this plumber in the past to resolve more major issues. Highly recommended.
Ceaira Wong
Ceaira Wong
Ben from Purified is very professional, reliable and easy to communicate with. The team always response to our requests quickly and provides good suggestion with a cost effective way. Highly recommend their service. Ceaira
Ruwani AA
Ruwani AA
Purified Plumbing answered our call during two urgent situations (drain blockages, one of which was the stormwater drain during recent heavy rains) and turned up on time and within an hour of us calling them. They did a fantastic job each time, resolving the issue quickly. The second time would have flooded our house if not resolved!
Craig Fisher
Craig Fisher
Prompt, professional and courteous service. Fixed outdoor water system in the pouring rain. Definitely recommended. ?

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      FAQs About Blocked Drains & Pipes Service In North Shore

      One of the common causes of a blocked drain for clients from North Shore is when people pour grease and oils down their drains. These substances tend to coagulate and form a hard, inedible mass that can easily block drains. Grease also attracts fats and oils from other sources in your kitchen sink, which can accumulate over time and lead to problems with drainage.

      Other common causes of blocked drains could be tree roots, dental floss, hair, pet wastes and more.

      Our team at Sydney's North Shore operate 24/7. Give us a call if it's an emergency.

      When it comes to blocked drains, there is no straight answer. When we arrive on site, we will assess the situation and find out the root cause of the blocked drain.

      It might be a quick job that we need to clean up a few objects or flush the pipes with chemicals. In more complicated situations, we may need to dig out the pipe or use pipe camera to inspect the blockage. 

      Our plumbers will always assess the damage and the situation, inform our clients fully before starting on the fix.

      No one wants to deal with a completely blocked drain but knowing there’s a problem early on can save you from a much bigger headache later. So, pay attention to your drains and if you see any of these signs (not in any particular order):

      • The drain is taking an abnormally long time to drain or clear;
      • You hear gurgling or rumbling sounds;
      • You notice wet flooring or paint that hasn’t dried after several hours;
      • There’s an odor coming from your drain;
      • Your sink, tub, or toilet won’t fill with water properly

      This can depend on several factors, including what has been causing your drains to block.

      If there are blockages from food, hair, and soap scum build-up then it is a good idea to get your drain cleaned. If it keeps happening over time, there may be more serious problem with the whole drainage system due to its age or other problems. Our plumbers can always consult you on site.

      Stormwater drains are used to drain water from rainstorms or any other water source from your property. They aren’t very deep and aren’t usually more than 50mm wide. Stormwater drains play an important role in preventing major flooding after heavy rains and other extreme weather conditions.

      Low water pressure is a common occurrence in older houses, where pipes are more prone to blockages. A blocked drain can cause low water pressure for everyone who uses that tap or faucet, so if you have low water pressure throughout your house, it’s a good idea to call a plumber and check if there's a blocked drain somewhere.

      You’re not alone if you’ve ever had a blocked drain or pipe. To determine who is responsible for unblocking your drains and pipes, it’s important to understand who owns what. A tenant’s relationship with their landlord generally begins when they move into a property. There are different obligations for landlords and tenants depending on whether there is an agreement in place between them. If you do have an agreement in place, it will most likely outline how to handle issues like blocked drains.

      Pipe relining is great alternative to pipe replacement, pipe relining is an internal sleeve type of repair to your existing sewer or stormwater pipes, we will generally use this method in hard to access places, for example under a driveway or under a house flooring or concrete slab.