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Strata Plumbing Services 

Fast reliable service by experienced plumbers using the latest technologies to diagnose and resolve strata plumbing issues.

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Strata managers, property owners, and residents can feel secure knowing that Purified Plumbing offers affordable rates and continuing plumbing servicing.

We offer prompt, competent service, upfront pricing, and emergency repairs and maintenance assistance. Every piece of plumbing equipment needed to provide our services and stay in constant contact with clients during the project is something we own and maintain.

Strata Plumbing Services We Provide

We understand and value the demands of strata managers, owners, and tenants . We offer a 24-hour emergency service for strata and are completely licensed, insured, and staffed. On a wide range of services, we offer upfront pricing.



Licenced plumbers with RTO backflow prevention certification.



We provide Thermostatic Mixing Valves Installation and Maintenance.


Call us anytime, we have a team of plumbers on call 24/7.


Providing prompt hot water solutions & repairs for your home or business.


Our expert plumbers provide reliable and prompt services.


Fully equipped to clear your blocked drains and toilets.


Our professional plumbers are experts & reliable gas fitters.


Whether it's a busted water pipe or broken sewer line, we've got you covered.

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Purified Plumbing, Sydney's most trusted and reliable plumbers.

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What Our Customers Say

Lroy Hall
Lroy Hall
Purified Plumbing provides promptly response and professional services on the required issues
Jacky Qi
Jacky Qi
Outstanding service! Purified Plumbing went above and beyond to fix my blocked drain problem. Quick response and service.
Doug Freeman
Doug Freeman
Responded to my call quickly & came on time. Work done quietly, cleanly & efficiently. Good communication on the issue & quoted before completed. No dramas - very satisfied.
Zhang Xinzi
Zhang Xinzi
I heard Ben from my best friend and used him services for the first time and wouldn’t use another plumber again for my house, he is very fantastic, Very professional, knowledgeable and, well priced plumbing. I will introduce Ben to my friend when they need plumber, thanks
Yingzeng Huang
Yingzeng Huang
Ben and his team solved our leaking issue in a very professional way. Honest and transparent. A true local plumbing business we can rely on.
Lyndal Thompson
Lyndal Thompson
Good guys providing good and honest service. Came the same day and sorted us out. Thank you!
Josh McKenzie
Josh McKenzie
Kaushik Jay
Kaushik Jay
Greedy. Over priced. Not transparent.
Ivy Luo
Ivy Luo
We had a gas leak inside our kitchen for weeks. The leaking point was not accurately detected until purified plumbing took the job. They found the leak inside the kitchen brick wall. It was at the corner of two walls where the old pipe was aged. It is a very tricky position, but they managed to take the old tube off and connect a new one back to the gas pipeline. They are very professional, responsive and of high quality.
Nick Rooney
Nick Rooney
Ben was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Highly recommend

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      FAQs About Our Strata Plumbing Services

      Strata plumbing is the system of pipes and fixtures that enables drainage from a row of townhouses or an apartment complex, both of which are subject to a strata title. It covers both the primary network of water pipes that supply the title buildings as well as the internal plumbing found in each individual unit.

      1.Balcony Leakage

      If any of the residences in your condominium complex have balconies, you are aware of how annoying it may be when water spills over from the balcony above onto your own. Depending on what caused the leak in this instance, strata plumbing duty may apply. It is normally up to the strata owners corporation of the building to take care of the plumbing issue if water is dripping from the roof or if there is a busted pipe nearby.


      2.Obstructed Drains

      The most typical plumbing issue is blocked drains. Finding the drain's location is necessary for figuring out who is to blame. Since the obstruction is on the owner's property, it is typically their obligation to clear a clogged kitchen or bathroom sink drain.


      3.Leaking Water Pipes

      Who is in charge of fixing the broken pipe will depend on its location and purpose. Typically, pipes under the floor that leak are the responsibility of the strata management organization.


      4.Leaking Fixtures

      Taps and shower heads are two examples of fixtures that frequently have tight seals to prevent leaks. The shower head and tap's base may leak as a result of those seals degrading and wearing down over time. Since they are entirely internal to the lot, it will almost always be up to the individual lot owner to deal with them.

      Maintaining plumbing in strata  can be a challenging and complicated procedure, particularly if you are unfamiliar with local rules and industry norms. There is a good chance that you may make blunders that end up costing you money and time.

      From installs and repairs to maintenance and inspections, our team of qualified plumbers  is here to handle all of your strata plumbing needs. We'll work closely with you to make sure the plumbing system in your strata  property is always functioning properly, effectively, and safely.

      A thorough maintenance routine will assist in locating both visible and hidden risk areas. Some damage may go undiscovered for a long time and not be discovered until there are obvious signs, such leaks, moisture, and mold.


      To stop damage from spreading to adjacent strata property lots or the common property, it's critical to try and spot damage as soon as possible. The majority of the time, an insurance provider won't pay for losses brought on by inadequate upkeep, normal wear and tear, or a condition that has gone unattended and become worse over time.

      We are pleased to perform repairs when your residents need them the most since we understand that plumbing emergencies never happen at a convenient time. In order to ensure minimal disturbance, we offer timely, effective, and inexpensive service and make sure we maintain open lines of contact with you and the residents.

      Yes, you may verify the status of our license, and upon request, we can provide you a copy of our most recent insurance certificates.

      This is a commonly asked question among strata managers and owners of apartment and/or units because there are a few murky areas where strata services are concerned. So let's attempt to simplify it for you.


      Let's imagine that a pipe within an apartment burst or that there is too much water in the garage. The owner of the property will likely be liable for this plumbing issue.


      The owners' corporation is in charge of fixing the pipe if it bursts on shared property like a boundary wall. Unless the owner or tenant has created the problem, the strata management will likely be responsible if a pipe bursts beneath or outside of a property. An example of a problem brought on by the owner or a renter would be new flooring harming the pipes beneath it or blocking the floor drain and toilet with objects that are difficult to move through pipes.


      Owners are often liable for repairs for things like kitchen and bathroom tap leaks in an apartment or townhouse. Typically, strata will take care of any problem on common land, but unless the problem started outside, anything within a residence will be the responsibility of the apartment owner.


      Individual properties operate differently from strata schemes. Owners should consult their strata manager if they have any questions so that they may determine together how to handle a specific plumbing service if necessary. Depending on their coverage and the nature of the damage, owners may also be able to file claims with insurance providers for serious damage.


      Purified Plumbing can meet all of your requirements for strata plumbing services.

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