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General Plumbing Repairs

Whatever your issue is, from a blocked drain, leaking tap or a pipe that's burst, Purified Plumbing is your go to professional for any plumbing repairs and or emergencies.

We know that plumbing problems can be annoying and an inconvenience, but don't worry our highly trained and qualified technicians are always here for you and to get things back to normal fast!

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What Our Customers Say

Lroy Hall
Lroy Hall
Purified Plumbing provides promptly response and professional services on the required issues
Jacky Qi
Jacky Qi
Outstanding service! Purified Plumbing went above and beyond to fix my blocked drain problem. Quick response and service.
Doug Freeman
Doug Freeman
Responded to my call quickly & came on time. Work done quietly, cleanly & efficiently. Good communication on the issue & quoted before completed. No dramas - very satisfied.
Zhang Xinzi
Zhang Xinzi
I heard Ben from my best friend and used him services for the first time and wouldn’t use another plumber again for my house, he is very fantastic, Very professional, knowledgeable and, well priced plumbing. I will introduce Ben to my friend when they need plumber, thanks
Yingzeng Huang
Yingzeng Huang
Ben and his team solved our leaking issue in a very professional way. Honest and transparent. A true local plumbing business we can rely on.
Lyndal Thompson
Lyndal Thompson
Good guys providing good and honest service. Came the same day and sorted us out. Thank you!
Josh McKenzie
Josh McKenzie
Kaushik Jay
Kaushik Jay
Greedy. Over priced. Not transparent.
Ivy Luo
Ivy Luo
We had a gas leak inside our kitchen for weeks. The leaking point was not accurately detected until purified plumbing took the job. They found the leak inside the kitchen brick wall. It was at the corner of two walls where the old pipe was aged. It is a very tricky position, but they managed to take the old tube off and connect a new one back to the gas pipeline. They are very professional, responsive and of high quality.
Nick Rooney
Nick Rooney
Ben was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Highly recommend

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      FAQs About General Plumbing Repairs Service

      While there was a time when digging trenches to replace pipes were necessary, however, as technology has evolved, the process is less invasive and uses less costly methods.

      As proud deliverers of trenchless repairs for your sewer and an earlier adopter of this in Sydney, the method sees only a 2-foot wide dig where the new lining is inserted.

      There are a few simple steps you can undertake to manage a burst pipe until one of our team arrives to fix it for you.

      • Turn off your water mains
      • Drain the system by turning on the cold taps
      • Central heating and other heating systems that use water should be turned off. Then all hot taps can be turned on to drain whatever is in the system
      • Turn your electrics off
      • Call our expert team to fix your issue.

      Like a burst pipe, there are some small measures you can undertake before one of our expert plumbers arrives to assist you.

      • First, shut off your water supply
      • To prepare the pipe when it's unfrozen, go to the nearest tap to the pipe location and turn it on.
      • Using either a hairdryer or hot water bottle, thaw the pipe
      • Call our customer service team to repair your pipe issues.

      Like any business, the expense of quality materials so you get the best results for long-term repair can be costly. It's our aim to make our services as attainable as possible, but we also consider in our charges:

      • Repair education for ongoing staff development
      • We are at a significant level of demand
      • Our technician's highly skilled abilities
      • Time-sensitive and urgent issues mean our team are often given short notice for a job.

      Sometimes, water pipes underneath your home leak or burst. These slab leaks usually occur because of a pipe leak that causes the saturation of your soil, which then forces the shifting or sinking of your house slab.

      It's not uncommon to undertake a spot repair; however, older piping or advanced issues such as corrosion require a thorough and permanent procedure that needs moving or repiping.

      There is a range of issues that indicate whether your plumbing line needs replacing, including:

      • Water pressure is low
      • Water is cloudy
      • Founding cracks
      • Unusual or new pipe noises

      The cost varies for each job because the issues are unique to your home or business. Contact our specialist team for a quote. 

      If you continually have issues with your home plumbing, this is a sign that you should invest in repiping it. The frequent repairs will end up being more costly than replacing the system. 

      If you are experiencing ongoing issues, talk to one of our technicians about how to repipe your home for a better functioning system.