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Who Is Responsible for Strata Plumbing

Your home will be a part of a strata plan if you own a townhouse, apartment, or unit. Properties that share a common area with other properties on the same block are subject to strata title. A “lot” is the name given to each property. 

When you share common property, the owner corporation is responsible for managing and maintaining the plumbing that runs throughout the property. The owners’ corporation is the collective voice of all landowners whose lots are part of the same piece of property that has been divided into individual homes, townhouses, or apartments.

When faced with strata plumbing concerns, many owners question who is responsible. An entire building’s worth of plumbing lines will occasionally cross over onto both common and private units. 

A liability assessment is necessary when a plumbing issue arises, such as a leaky pipe damaging both common and private property. Typically, the strata title plans are taken into account by the insurance companies of both the owners corporation and the private house owner accused of the leak to identify who owns the part of pipe that has been compromised. 

Because the designs of the individual units or apartments and common property limited by the strata title, as well as the relevant laws and regulations, are typically clear, the parties try to resolve the plumbing problem fairly. 

Read our answers to the frequently asked questions below if you have any queries regarding who is responsible for fixing typical plumbing issues in strata buildings. 

Keep in mind that these suggestions are just intended to serve as a general guide and should not be taken as expert advice, particularly legal counsel. 

What Exactly Is Strata Plumbing?

Many tiny, unnoticed components make up a plumbing system. The system of pipes, fittings, and fixtures that allows water to enter and exit a building governed by a strata title is referred to as strata plumbing. 

Due to the frequent interconnection of apartments, condos, and townhouses, many individual units share the underlying piping as well as the overall in-between and surrounding common property. 

Separate plumbing lines are uncommon in groups of units, apartments, and townhouses unless they were planned for during the building process. Separate plumbing lines are not preferred because they can be expensive to build and result in an excessive amount of pipes and fittings.

Who Supports Strata Plumbing Management And Maintenance?

The plumbing that runs through and services the common area is funded proportionately by the owners. The money is obtained by the owner corporation through the owner corporation fees, and a portion of it is used to cover the cost of water services for amenities on common property and to guarantee that the plumbing inside common property limits is kept up and controlled. 

Plumbing that is a component of common property must be maintained and managed by the owner corporation.

Nonetheless, money from the capital works or maintenance fund will be used to pay for plumbing service repairs and other common property plumbing needs.

Who Can Help Strata Plumbing Upgrade?

An intricate problem arises when plumbing fixtures and lines are upgraded. The owners will frequently ask the owners corporation to pay for plumbing upgrades when your apartment, condo, or townhouse complex requires them. 

However, if the owner corporation does not have enough money on hand, the cost of any upgrades that especially affect individual lots would typically be handled by the owners. 

Before agreeing to upgrades as a group, it’s necessary for a lot owner to weigh the financial implications. Also, if you intend to upgrade the plumbing on your own property, be sure to speak with the owner corporation because doing so could compromise plumbing lines that affect both common property and other lots potentially.

Responsibility for Regular Plumbing Services

The cause of the plumbing problem determines who is responsible for fixing strata plumbing issues. This is often difficult to find, but with specialised equipment, knowledge, and expertise, plumbers can detect the issue and produce a thorough report that can be used as proof in negotiations and legal proceedings. Below is a list of typical plumbing problems and an explanation of who is responsible for them.

  • Individual unit with a leaking shower: If the leak originates from an internal fitting, the owner is accountable unless the plumbing problem can be linked to a problem with the common property infrastructure.
  • Leak spreading from one property to another: How the leak has affected your property will determine this. The private lot owner will be held accountable if an inside fixture on their property is to blame for the leak. However, if the plumbing that is built between the walls and supplies more than one property is to blame for the leak, the owner corporation will be liable.
  • Pipe rupture beneath private property floor: Unless a private lot owner is to blame, the owner corporation will often be responsible for repairing a pipe that has burst under your property.
  • Spots that are moist and mouldy: Unlike what many people believe, this is frequently a widespread and serious problem. Sometimes a complex’s construction, rather than a plumbing issue, is the cause of dampness and mould. It will be necessary to contact a knowledgeable plumber and builder to determine the precise cause.
How Can Strata Plumbing Costs Be Reduced?

There are several strategies to reduce the expense of strata plumbing. Plumbing in strata units needs to be managed and maintained on a regular basis. Although you will have routine short-term expenses, the plumbing infrastructure will be sturdy and the overall long-term cost will be less.

Also, it’s critical to make sure that the townhouse, apartment, or condo complex has a building manager in charge of managing strata plumbing. This will guarantee that common property plumbing is not being abused or tampered with, as well as that garden taps, sprinkler systems, swimming pools, etc. are being monitored.

How Can Water Damage In A Strata Scheme Be Prevented?

You and the owners company have a number of options for preventing water damage in a strata system. The plumbing infrastructure needs to be constantly inspected and maintained. 

Because of the expense and hassle, owners and the owner corporation frequently forego investing in routine inspections. Because tiny problems are often ignored and develop into bigger ones, this may make the situation worse. 

The owner corporation regulations should include a code of behaviour regarding water usage, sewage disposal, private plumbing alterations and upgrades, hot water usage, and other plumbing-related issues in addition to routine maintenance. This will guarantee that property owners and tenants take good care when using the plumbing system.

Our strata plumber team in Sydney have the knowledge and experience to help with any plumbing-related issues, regardless of their size or complexity, whether you have a question regarding a plumbing issue involving your personal property or a plumbing issue on behalf of the owner corporation you represent. 

Contact us right away if you need strata plumbing services that are prompt, efficient, and reliable.