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The Seven Most Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

You undoubtedly want your business to be successful, whether you own a restaurant or manage a service business, and that includes fixing the plumbing problems every now and then. Most of the time, business owners don’t think about plumbing maintenance until something happens, much like how we treat dental problems. 

In this case, we suggest that business owners should pay attention to smaller things and signs, fix them before they turn into bigger problems that could become costly. Even a little leak may cause significant harm, so it’s critical to keep an eye out for any plumbing systems that aren’t working properly.  

7 Common Plumbing Problem that Happen at Commercial Premises

Drainage Problems

You’ve probably seen a blocked drain at some time in your life, and it’s never a pleasant sight. Because commercial plumbing systems get much greater traffic than residential systems, a blocked drain is far more likely to develop in a business facility than in a home or apartment, particularly for hospitality businesses such as restaurants and cafes.

In commercial settings, such as a restaurant, effective drains are critical. Restaurant kitchens generate more garbage everyday than a lot of other businesses, thus it is understandable that these drains would block more quickly. 

Even though a commercial plumbing system is more durable than a domestic system, the huge volume of trash, oil and grease that goes down the drains on a daily basis makes blocked drains a fairly common issue. When you start to see the drains going down slower than usual, or any funny smell occurs, be aware of those.

Pipe Leaks

Pipes, like drains, get a lot of usage on a daily basis in commercial buildings and premises and may soon wear out. These structures need complicated plumbing systems, with additional pipes requiring frequent maintenance. With so many pipes flowing through the building and so much traffic, a leak may happen almost anywhere at any time.

If you notice an issue, such as rust, mould, or water damage on walls and ceilings, contact a commercial plumber as soon as possible to run checks throughout the premises in case pipe leaks have already occurred.

Water Heaters

Commercial water heaters are more susceptible to issues than residential units because they must work much harder to heat up more water that is carried around the facility. We strongly recommend regularly checking up on the commercial water heaters to avoid emergency situations where your customers may get impacted.


The last thing you want is for customers or staff to walk into your business with a nasty odour or funny smell. If the odour is too strong to bear, you will lose business for sure.

If there is a blockage anywhere in the main sewer system, the odours may find their way back into the building via the pipes. This may also happen when valves that channel gases through pipes and away from the building fail to function correctly.

Odours in your restaurant, retail business, or office building are usually an indication of a bigger plumbing issue. Furthermore, odours often include hazardous microorganisms that might have an influence on the health of the individuals in the building. So, it’s better to move quickly and call a plumber to address the problem and keep your business running.

Inadequate Water Pressure

Low water pressure may not seem to be a huge concern, but it might indicate a leak somewhere in the pipes. The pressure will be greatly lowered if water escapes before it reaches the tap. Low water pressure might have an influence on your capacity to finish your task, depending on your business type.

Taps That Leak

A commercial building most likely has a lot of taps, and maintaining them might be difficult. A dripping tap may waste hundreds of litres of water every year. Check your taps for drips to avoid a large water bill. If you detect even one leaky tap, contact a commercial plumber to assist you in resolving the issue.

How to Fix Commercial Plumbing Issues for your Sydney Business

If you face any of these issues, you must know what to do to handle them promptly and efficiently. Most do-it-yourself remedies are just temporary, and they may simply add to your irritation. Instead, call Purified Plumbing for an experienced commercial plumber.

Our licensed plumbers can handle any commercial plumbing issues to keep your business going.