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The Dangers of Unblocking Drains Yourself

Have you ever considered cleaning a blocked drain without having to hire a plumber? Despite the fact that this seems to be a straightforward answer, you may not have considered how potentially dangerous it is or the terrible consequences it may have.

A plumber was recently injured when the bottle of sulfuric acid he was using to unclog a drain exploded in his face, leaving horrific burns. This highlights the potential risk of drain unclogging, even when conducted by a trained professional.

The biggest dangers of unclogging a drain are the readily available drain cleaning chemicals and their flammability if not used appropriately. Many of these heinous drain unclogging catastrophes are the result of the incorrect or unintended use of caustic, skin-burning chemicals.

The powerful chemicals in drain cleaners are designed to dissolve the grease or build-up that causes a blocked drain; thus, you can only imagine the dreadful repercussions of skin contact with these chemicals. As a result, many chemical products have a mandatory list of safety warnings, which are often ignored and result in disasters. When dealing with any kind of cleaning chemical product, including toilet cleaning chemicals, always use safety equipment such as gloves and eye protection.


If your drain is plugged, follow these steps:

We are all aware of how inconvenient a blocked drain may be, but it is critical to prioritise your and your family’s safety.

Even while it’s tempting to try do-it-yourself methods like boiling water or natural drain cleaners, it’s important to realise that a blocked drain is typically an indicator of a bigger problem, such as a pipe fracture.


  • If you have a blocked drain, we are experts in unclogging and cleaning drains, since we employ cutting-edge CCTV technology to quickly discover the source of the blockage. Then, based on our findings, we may provide a full report and provide a remedy within a few hours.


  • Blocked drains may be more difficult than they seem, which is why Purified Plumbing never suggests utilising chemical drain cleaning solutions, which may not help the issue and may endanger your health and the integrity of your pipes.


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