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Common Plumbing Mistakes Made by Homeowners

The plumbing system in your house is critical to the well-being, happiness, and health of your family. However, our expert plumbers see plumbing issues on almost every service call; the majority of which are avoidable with a bit of plumbing knowledge and time.

Homeowners need to educate themselves and their families on simple changes that can be taken to ensure that the plumbing system is maintained correctly.

It will not only save you money and trouble in the long run, but it will also ensure that your plumbing system will fulfil your family’s needs for many years.

Here are some frequent plumbing damages you may be doing around your house.


Plumbing Mistake: Ignoring Blocked Drains

You probably don’t give much thought to the inner workings of your home’s plumbing system. BUT, if there is a problem, an emergency call out, or a possible home disturbance, you will.

Even minor issues, such as a slow-draining drain, can cause problems with your home’s plumbing if ignored for a while.

A blocked drain will not clear itself. Furthermore, it may necessitate more difficult and costly repairs, including emergency repairs. If you ignore a blocked drain in your home or outside, you may face the following problems in the long run:

A blockage in your sewer line or sewage backup might signal a sewage system problem.

If your main drain or toilet drain is plugged, wastewater and waste cannot flow freely through the pipes. Instead, it might start backing up via your sewage system and exiting through your toilet. This is dangerous to one’s health and hygiene. One that need the services of a qualified plumber.

Tree roots, foreign objects, and hairs are the most typical reasons of clogged toilets and blocked drains for North Shore suburbs; our team at Purified Plumbing is qualified to address these blocked drain problems.

Worst-case scenario: A blocked drain that is left clogged for a lengthy period of time has the potential to create flooding in your property. If the drain becomes blocked to the point that water, waste, or debris backs up or bursts while you are gone, you may return home to discover your home flooded and your assets destroyed.


Plumbing Mistake: Failure to Schedule Plumbing Maintenance

Following a specific plumbing maintenance schedule for your home helps ensure that your plumbing crew discovers any problem before they become serious. A regular plumbing repair schedule can also help you spot small concerns that develop after major weather events including heavy rains, storms or extreme heat just like the heavy rains we have seen in Sydney in the recent months.

If you have a known tree root infestation that needs periodic clearing and treatment, a scheduled visit from your experienced blocked drain plumbers will ensure that the problem does not escalate. A professional plumber will also provide you long-term remedies that will benefit the health of your home’s plumbing system. If tree roots are causing problems on your property, call us right away.

Regular plumbing maintenance also guarantees that your wet appliances, like as your dishwasher and washing machine, are inspected, as well as all of your fixtures and gutters, which are swept and cleaned. With Sydney’s harsh weather at the moment, it’s critical to keep your gutters as clean as possible to allow water to flow around your property.


Plumbing Mistake: Ignoring Minor Leaks

The sound of water gushing in a kitchen or bathroom after a night of heavy rain is never a good sign. Many homeowners, however, ignore these little leaks because they appear insignificant and disappear within a few hours. A water leak, on the other hand, should never be ignored because it is usually a sign of oncoming injury or greater risks.

Broken pipes or holes in a home’s roof, gutters, sinks, or showers can all create a water leak. Homeowners should not ignore these warning signs since they pose a serious hazard. A pipe may explode if a significant volume of water descends via a little water leak in the plumbing system. A ruptured pipe can be expensive and might cause a larger hole in the plumbing system.

A silent leak can also occur in a house when the only sign is the presence of internal water damage, mould, or moisture on the walls, carpets, or interior surfaces.

Having a plumber evaluate your property for leaks and water damage on a periodic basis will ideally ensure that any leaks are spotted early, located, and repaired quickly.


Plumbing Mistake: Pushing the wrong material down the drain

The probability of a blockage rises every time something other than human waste is flushed down the toilet. When a pipe or drain becomes chronically clogged, an accumulation of debris, fats, oils, and food scraps in your plumbing system will create bigger blocked drains problems. So simple tip: do not throw baby wipe, food, oil, female hygiene product down the toilet.


Plumbing Mistake: Failure to Look Outside

Outdoor plumbing systems are just as important as indoor plumbing systems in a home. This includes any pipes, connections, or appliances installed in your garden or other external areas.

When you hire expert plumbers in your area, they will inspect the outdoor plumbing system to verify that the pipes are healthy and clean, and that water can flow quickly and effectively away from your house. Your gutters, downspouts, and stormwater drain all play an important role in your home’s exterior plumbing system.

You may check your garden while evaluating your outdoor plumbing. Look for areas that are sunken, damp, or mushy which might signal that there is a problem with your sewer line and that waste and wastewater are seeping into your garden. You might have a tree root infection.

We recognise that the unknown might be frightening, but our skilled staff at Purified Plumbing is dedicated to aiding homeowners in maintaining and servicing their plumbing systems in order to avoid unpleasant complications.

By doing routine maintenance on your plumbing system, you will be aware of any potential issues, be able to plan a solution, budget for repairs, and understand what you’re up against.

Our plumbers in Sydney’s North Shore can resolve basic or complex plumbing problems. If you have any questions, please call us at 1300 663 667, and we will gladly assist you.

We also provide plumbing services for Castle Hill, Hornsby and surrounding areas.