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Benefits of Regular Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Is money literally going down the drain in your business? Maintenance for commercial plumbing is not just about checking boxes; it has real impacts on how your business runs.

We made this guide to help you understand how to take care of plumbing in a business. We would like to show you the possible benefits of regular commercial plumbing maintenance.

Why regular commercial plumbing maintenance is important

You shouldn’t only call a commercial plumber when your pipes burst or your hot water system breaks. Preventive maintenance is good for your wallet, your safety, and the law. 

Having a commercial plumber do regular checks can help you:

  • Find problems before they turn into emergencies that cost a lot of money to the business.
  • Find and get rid of any safety risks at your business premise.
  • Make sure you follow any laws about testing and maintenance.
Financial benefits

When a qualified commercial plumber does preventive maintenance on commercial plumbing, small problems are caught before they turn into expensive emergencies. 

No one wants to have to stop working for the day because of a broken pipe. When you run a business, you potentially run the risk of losing a lot of money on top of the cost of repairs.

Safety benefits

The health of you and your employees is worth a lot. Preventive commercial plumbing maintenance improves safety by making sure that cooling and heating systems work well and by spotting potential dangers.

Legislative benefits

Depending on your business, there may be laws that affect how you do things. There are rules about how to get rid of trash, stop water from flowing backwards, and manage air quality. 

Regular maintenance checks can make sure you’re following the law and take care of any testing or maintenance that needs to be done on those systems on a regular basis. Your licensed and certified plumber can also sign off on any forms that need to be filled out, keeping you up to date with your legal obligations.

What happens when someone comes to fix the plumbing at a business?

During a commercial plumbing maintenance visit, a commercial plumber will focus on several key areas, but these checks could change depending on your industry or business setup.

The most important preventive checks are:
  1. Water usage audit. Your commercial plumber will check for unusually high water use, figure out what’s wrong, and suggest ways to lower your water costs.
  2. Fixtures. We will give you a quote for fixture upgrades that will reduce water use and save you money. Most commercial properties don’t have separate metres, and every bit of money saved can be helpful.
  3. Sewer and stormwater systems. Your plumber will use a CCTV camera to make sure there aren’t any broken parts that could cause problems. For older buildings, they can also tell if the old terracotta pipes will need to be changed to PVC.
  4. Hot water systems. Your plumber will check the gas, solar, or electric hot water system in your business, making sure they all run efficiently and safely.

After checking these systems and fixtures, we will make a list of any important repairs or replacements that need to be done, as well as any ways that your current systems could be improved or upgraded.

What to keep in mind when looking for a plumber to take care of commercial plumbing maintenance in Sydney?

You want a commercial plumber who, no matter what needs to be done, is:

  • Accredited 
  • Communicative
  • Transparent

You should also look for a commercial plumber in Sydney who talks to you in a clear and honest way. For example, at Purified Plumbing, we make sure our customers are well-informed on the cost and maintenance work needed before we carry out the work.

We also know how important it is that plumbing maintenance doesn’t bring your business to a halt, so we work around your schedule to make our visit as easy as possible.