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Are You Considering Purchasing A House?

The decision to purchase a house in Sydney could be one of the best long term investment people make. Everyone is aware that they have to schedule a building and pest inspection before moving ahead on the purchase, and plumbing is something that buyers should look at carefully.

Standard pre-purchase inspections often include only a brief examination of the plumbing situation.

Why is a Residence’s Plumbing Important?

The plumbing system in your house is a vital aspect of preserving your health, safety, and comfort, despite the fact that it is often overlooked until something goes wrong. It includes the sewage system, the water supply, the hot water system, the rain gutters, the downspouts, and the interior fixtures. A malfunction in any of these areas can cause severe damage, including sewage overflows, floods, and even building damage.

Root infiltration into sewer lines or pipes, for instance, can lead to clogged drains and collapsed pipes. Leaky taps and drain pipes, insufficient water pressure, inadequate surface water drainage, and pipe corrosion are a few more typical problems that can cause substantial irritation. Unfortunately, many of these problems cannot be seen by an inexperienced eye.

Why is plumbing inspection essential and needs to be done thoroughly?

Purchasing a new or existing house may be a time of tremendous happiness as well as stress for the buyers. The last thing they need is a large plumbing expense when their new house purchase is settled. If plumbing issues are left addressed, they may quickly worsen, and a significant problem might cost thousands to correct.

Can’t I inspect plumbing myself?

Certainly, you may do your own inspection by going around the property, flushing the toilets, turning on the kitchen and bathroom taps, and checking for leaks. However there could be issues that are overlooked during the home inspection.


What can be done by a licensed local plumber?

Identifying plumbing issues prior to settlement makes it easier to rectify the condition before signing on the dotted line, since they are much more difficult to locate and repair after the sale has closed.

During a professional plumbing inspection, all plumbing and drainage systems on the property are thoroughly examined to ensure that they are in working condition and conform with local and national plumbing codes.

Up to 90% of plumbing examinations performed prior to the purchase of a home uncover problems that were overlooked during conventional construction inspections. This let prospective buyers confidently renegotiate the purchase price with the vendor.

Experienced plumbers will perform the following checks during a pre-purchase plumbing inspection:

  • Water metre fluctuations indicate a concealed leak
  • Existing plumbing is in accordance with existing bylaws.
  • A tempering valve is installed in the hot water unit.
  • Condition of downspouts and gutters
  • An overflow relief gully (ORG) is present to avoid indoor sewage spills.
  • Grates are installed over drain holes.
  • The hot and cold water taps are fitted in the proper locations.
  • A thermometer should be used to monitor hot water.
  • Stormwater and DVD sewage pipe CCTV examination
  • Water pressure testing are used to identify any underlying problems.
  • Surface water report to ensure appropriate drainage
  • In-depth hot water heater examination with a functioning life report
  • All water lines, taps, flick mixers and fixtures, vanities and pipes below, toilet and cistern condition reports

A pre-purchase plumbing examination might possibly save you a significant amount of money and worry by preventing you from having to hire a plumber to fix a big plumbing issue two weeks after moving into your new home.

Sydney households may take advantage of Purified Plumbing’s hassle-free pre-purchase plumbing examinations. It is not uncommon for us to discover a number of little concerns with simple solutions, but it is not unusual for us to discover larger, more expensive ones as well. Armed with this information, potential purchasers can renegotiate the sale price more with the vendors.

Feel free to contact us on 1300 663 667 for further information. Purified Plumbing has a team of experienced plumbers around Sydney’s North Shore, Hornsby and Hills area.