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8 Signs Your Home Needs a Plumber’s Visit

At Purified Plumbing, our North Shore Plumbers can provide customers with a range of services, from the installation of hot water systems to the repair and maintenance of existing plumbing systems. If you’re unsure whether your home needs a professional plumber’s help, try looking out for these five signs.

  1. Your tap drips constantly

A dripping tap that’s running constantly is an indication that there may be an issue with your main supply line, so it’s time to call in for professional plumbing services. Sometimes those leaky, drip-drip-dripping taps are harmless, but often they are leaks waiting to get worse.

Fixing them can potentially save you hundreds of dollars down the road. Usually when a tap runs constantly it’s because water is flowing out of another part of your house’s plumbing system and feeding into that single leaky tap.

  1. Your tap makes noise or rattles

Does your tap make noise or even worse rattles when it’s turned on? The unpleasant noise could be caused by a worn down washer. If the noise still exists after the washer has been replaced, it may indicate other problems.

If the tap rattles, and sometimes it rattles with the pipes behind the walls when tap is turned on, it could indicate bigger problems such as aging pipes and plumbing structure.

  1. A Running Toilet

A toilet that keeps running is not fun. The running toilet makes disturbing sound, as well as wasting lots of water. It could be due to the float height being incorrect, the flapper leaking or the refill tube is too long. Some of these things are not easy to do it yourself, so calling a professional plumber may be the best way to tackle a running toilet.

  1. The smell is awful

This can be hard to pinpoint but trust your nose. If you detect any strange odour coming from your sink or drains, it’s worth having it checked out. Professional plumbers will quickly spot if there is something amiss with your drains and pipes and advise you of any precautions to take. This could save you from bigger damages down the line. So any unpleasant smell should get your attention.

  1. Stains on the ceiling, walls, or floor around your toilet

It could be backflow or it could be clogs, which may just need to be cleaned but can also indicate bigger problems.

  1. Strange gurgling noises coming from underneath the sink

Strange gurgling noises can mean that your plumbing system needs professional attention. Your systems shall not be exposed to any risk. Professional plumbers will be able to identify where there are leaks in your pipes, so you can fix them before they cause major damage.

  1. There’s No Hot Water or Water Goes Cold Quickly

A lot of things can go wrong with the hot water system, which causes the hot water heater to leak, or not hearing up properly. When those things happen, you could be running out of hot water in the middle of the shower or the hot water could suddenly go cold. It’s time to call a plumber who is experienced with hot water system repair.

  1. There’s not enough water pressure

If you consistently experience little or no water pressure, chances are that there’s either a blockage in the pipe or a leakage in the pipes. Either way it’s best to get the pipes and the plumbing system examined by a plumber to find out what exactly is causing the low water pressure.