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6 Signs You May Need an Emergency Plumbers Visit

There are a lot things that can go wrong with plumbing at home, from leaking tap, to blocked drains or broken hot water system. When the problem is obvious and serious, people call up the local plumbers immediately.

Below are a few of the obvious signs of serious plumbing problems at home. If you noticed any of these issues, you should call up local North Shore plumbers or Hornsby plumbers as soon as possible.


  1. Leaking Water

Water leaks could happen in a lot of places at home, and there are different types of leaks you can experience:

  • Silent leaks – You don’t notice until considerable damage is done.
  • Mould – When you see mould or mildew, it is a sign of a leak somewhere that can cause health issues.
  • Shorted wires – Leaks that affect your wires and short circuits are hazardous and can cause a fire.
  1. Ceiling’s Sagging

Discolouration and a saggy ceiling are obvious signs of an emergency plumbing situation. It never pays to wait in this situation because it could collapse at any time. Staining from water on your ceiling doesn’t occur until it’s been leaking for some time.

We always recommend turning your water off and ringing your emergency plumber so the issue doesn’t escalate further.


  1. Water Pressure Is Low

When your water pressure is low, it’s an indication of damaged pipes. Checking your pipes is an excellent place to start if it’s occurring at more than a single tap.

Low water pressure can be caused by an aerator that’s clogged. Unless all aerators are blocked, one sink should only be affected. Clean it and see if that solves the problem.

A regulating valve is installed in the majority of homes. This valve controls the pressure of the water. The pressure can rise or fall when it fails and will necessitate an emergency plumber.


  1. Burst or Damaged Pipes

You know you have a situation on hand when you have burst or damaged pipes. Flooding your home can cause severe structural issues, even if a single pipe bursts.

Damage and burst pipes are a safety issue for the whole family and are an expensive undertaking if you don’t have the problem tended to straight away. It’s essential that you do not DIY the issue, as it will cause further harm.

Before calling your plumber, turn off the water supply and move any furniture you can. 


  1. Drains Are Blocked

Clogging happens in most homes, but it should be avoided where possible. Plumbers often unclog drains and commonly find paper towels, hair, and wipes as the leading causes. These shouldn’t be flushed, and removing hair from drains regularly will help avoid the problem.

There are also other causes you’re less likely to think of, such as the roots of trees creating blockages. A sure sign you’re experiencing clogged drains is bubbling water, slow drainage, water puddles or even water overflow from the toilet or shower. When that happens, a blocked drain plumber in North Shore or blocked drain plumber in Castle Hill need to be contacted immediately.


  1. Toilet Overflow

It is no fun when a toilet overflows, whether it’s clogged or a float mechanism issue. This circumstance requires an emergency plumbing service.

If you’ve already tried turning the valve clockwise and plunging and there is no difference in the overflow, you must contact an emergency plumber. 

Turning off your water is the best course of action until it’s fixed, so there is no further overflow of water and other nasties.


Bonus Reason: Leaking Gas

Leaking gas is a profound issue that requires immediate management. Unfortunately, gas doesn’t have an odour, so chemicals are added to it to help us identify where the problem stems from. The smell is like rotten eggs or sulphur. 

You may also notice whistling sounds close to the gas line, or the colour of your flames at the stove is orange instead of blue. Other signs of a leak manifest in physical symptoms:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Nosebleeds
  • Irritated skin
Handling a Plumbing Emergency

If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, we recommend remaining calm and turning off your water supply. Alternatively, if it is a gas leak issue, shutting down the main valve and opening windows can help get the air moving until the plumber arrives.

Whatever the issue you are facing, contact us, and we will come and manage your concern and ensure your plumbing issue is solved.