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Located north-east of Sydney CBD, Belrose has an approximate population of 10,000. The most common cause of drains blockage is a tree roots that go through the pipe, which blocks the flow of water and needs to be removed before it gets too serious. This is where we come in.

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What Our Customers Say

constandine Doumbos
constandine Doumbos
July 14, 2022.
Excellent service, arrived on time, Explained everything that had to be done. Very efficient, and very professional. Even cleaned up once the job was done. Thank you
David Morgan
David Morgan
July 13, 2022.
An excellent and prompt service to resolve an issue with blocked plumbing. Have also used this plumber in the past to resolve more major issues. Highly recommended.
Ceaira Wong
Ceaira Wong
July 12, 2022.
Ben from Purified is very professional, reliable and easy to communicate with. The team always response to our requests quickly and provides good suggestion with a cost effective way. Highly recommend their service. Ceaira
Ruwani AA
Ruwani AA
July 7, 2022.
Purified Plumbing answered our call during two urgent situations (drain blockages, one of which was the stormwater drain during recent heavy rains) and turned up on time and within an hour of us calling them. They did a fantastic job each time, resolving the issue quickly. The second time would have flooded our house if not resolved!
Craig Fisher
Craig Fisher
July 6, 2022.
Prompt, professional and courteous service. Fixed outdoor water system in the pouring rain. Definitely recommended. 👍
Dilip Bhave
Dilip Bhave
June 14, 2022.
We had a burst water pipe below the kitchen sink which flooded the entire kitchen. This happened over the long weekend after hours and after a few calls to different plumbing companies, I found Purified plumbing on google. Rang them and within the hr the plumber turned up, isolated the cause and stopped the leak. They sent another plumber today to install the new kitchen tap that we bought as the old tap was damaged to very high water pressure. Dave got a metre reading done and found that it was 800 rather than the standard 500. He installed a water pressure controller and fitted the tap. We also got a bidet spray gun installed in the bathroom. Both the plumbers were on time, respectful and hassle free. Our experience with them has been very good. I highly recommend them. Thanks Dilip
christine stuart
christine stuart
June 1, 2022.
Many thanks to Ben and his team for attending to our lack of hot water on the first day of winter so promptly. We rang at 8.30am in the morning and by 3pm that afternoon Dave had very professionally fitted a brand new water system so we can have hot showers this evening. Your service is greatly appreciated. Thank you
Sue Ahyee
Sue Ahyee
May 23, 2022.
Very pleased with the pleasant, efficient service for toilet and tap repair from Purified Plumbing
Lisa Cooley
Lisa Cooley
May 12, 2022.
The team from Purified Plumbing are awesome. We had an emergency with our hot water dying without warning. They installed and relocated a new hot water system for us. Response time for the job was quick and any replies in communication with Ben was immediate. The service, professionalism and value for money were exceptional -thanks guys! Highly recommend!!
Chris Kelesis
Chris Kelesis
May 4, 2022.
Purified Plumbing will be my plumbing people moving forward. Professiinal, ontime and extremlely reasonable. Ben and his team will receive referral work through me without any hesitation. Cannot rave enough how good they were.

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      FAQs About Blocked Drains & Pipes Service

      Tree roots, grease, food, dental floss, leaves and dirts are all common causes of blocked drains at  home, especially tree roots.


      When you're dealing with a blocked drain or pipe, the most important thing to remember is that it's better to be safe than sorry. We can always send one of our experienced plumbers to your place in Belrose, assess the situation and provide you with a free quote on site.

      Yes, we have. Our team is at your service 24/7.

      When it comes to blocked drains, there are many reasons as to why the drain might be blocked, generally we will inspect your blocked drain issues and then determined if we will need to use a hand plunger or machinery to clear your blockage. 

      While there are ways to deal with blockages at home, chemical methods and DIY plungers, it’s always safer and more efficient to leave things to a professional plumber.

      If you live in Belrose and have home insurance for your place, you may be covered by the home insurance for the damages caused by blocked drains. While a lot of problems can arise when a drain is blocked, water damage is a common issue people face with. It is a good idea to check with your insurance provider whether damage caused by blocked drains is covered or not.

      Whether it's tree roots. food, oil or hair that's causing a blocked drain, we can help you solve the problem quickly. Call our professional plumbers in Belrose for advice, it’s always a good idea to attend to the problem as soon as its arises, if the blockage gets left there for too long it could more difficult and take longer to clear.

      Generally speaking, if you hear your drains gurgling, it means something is blocking the water or air through the drains. Sometimes you hear the gurgling sound via your sink, or shower or toilet, which means there could a blockage somewhere.


      We hope we can help you figure out why your drains are gurgling so we can fix them for you ASAP.

      Blocked drains or pipes can lead to backflow of waste water, which in turn can cause bacteria to multiply rapidly and produce unpleasant odours. The waste water coming out of the drains can go onto the floor at home, which also causes bad smell as well.


      If you notice that the water in the drainage has backed up or going down slowly in the kitchen sink, toilet, or shower, it is time to investigate the problem and try fix it early on before it becomes a bigger problem.  If you don’t know what to do or what’s causing the bad smell, always feel free to give us a call, our plumbers at Belrose are very experienced with any blocked drains issues. We can come to your place and provide you with a free quote.


      We provide plumbing and blocked drains services for Belrose, Davidson, Oxford Falls, Frenchs Forest, St Ives, Terrey Hills and all surrounding areas.